Uselessness, please don’t touch. – Installation, Video, Photography. – Breda, NL – 2021.
This project was part of the ‘Still/ in motion’ exhibition during the ‘Graduation Show 2021’ at AKV St. Joost, Breda.

Part of my graduation this project focused on finding methods to combine my personally motivated research of existentialism to a more theoretical research. This opened up a dialogue and playfield based on self-reflection during the making process. Through contradictions and confirmation – banalities and clichés – I kept working towards visual outcomes. This often started with the temptation to wonder if I could bring odes to uselessness, defying a productivity-oriented society. By repetitively using these odes to uselessness as a kind of score within my practice, the focus was mainly on banal performative gestures. Combining these with photography and video, I tried to document – and thus grasp – something of that impossible pursuit.

The final works are documentations. This means that I tried to honour the gestures, as they are too valuable to be so momentary, while at the same time questioning if they are worth the attention of capturing them. I often refer to these gestures as “protests”. Materially and physically researching the contradiction and tension between protest and uselessness functioned as a framework for this project.

Odes to uselessness: The shaving of the head.- Video – Breda, NL – 2021.
Odes to uselessness: The shaving of the feet. – Video – Rotterdam, NL – 2020.
Odes to uselessness: The eating of leftovers. – Video – Ghent, BE – 2019.

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