The dropping of a tile. – Photography – Dordrecht, NL – 2021.
This body of work had been presented as part of the ‘2,70m’ exhibition in Dordrecht in collaboration with Sjors Smit.

2,70m is an artwork by Sjors Smit in which he invited me to exhibit my work inside one of his installations.The work consists of 10 inkjet prints (40x40cm) that are part of my project: Uselessness, please do not touch. The works were placed inside the installation in such a way that when entering the room, the installation by Sjors Smit was the first and most prominent. Except for a work that had been deliberately placed in the viewer’s field of view. This work functioned as the object that showed that space has been given and taken.The more you moved inside the space, the clearer it became that the work had established its presence inside the installation and how more and more it made connections with the other features inside the room. For example, with the old painting opposite the work or the window that was hidden behind the installation, which in return provided the room with the necessary daylight.

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