Kringverjaardag (Circle Birthday) – Installation, Photography. – Antwerp, BE. – 2022.
This work has been presented at ‘Insitu3 Expo Space – Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ in Antwerp. In collaboration with Frederique Kraus.

“…’Kringverjaardag’ is a typical Dutch type of party. When someone has their birthday, the guests arrive and form a circle of chairs, or other things they can find to sit on in the house. This way everyone can have a conversation with eachochter. During a Kringverjaardag there often are a lot of nonverbal interactions, underlying relationships and tentions. A Kringverjaardag can be quite exhausting. Your uncle you haven’t seen in five years talking about his new girlfiriend….”

The series of photographs play around with the absurd, but above all, banal reality of fleeting nostalgia within a household. A nostalgia that is not pretentious. The subject that will not be announced with pride at a birthdayparty. Yet it brings up questions and curiosity off what happened. What it felt like being in that moment.

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